Andersen Windows’ Craig Blomker & Stacy Einck: A Discussion on Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Product Innovation

Written by AnonymousAugust 10, 2011
Andersen Windows

Today’s windows have two glass panes with a seal between them. You’ve probably seen foggy or condensed windows- this is a product with a poor seal. So making good glass with a good seal that lasts long is harder and a little more expensive than making a product that won’t last as long.  For this reason, trusting the window company and their quality is very important.

Of course, customers can get really into the specific options and how they would work in their own home with regard to glass and energy efficiency. For instance, I might take into account the sun exposure of my Western-facing windows when deciding on the right replacement.

RWFD:  With consumer focus understandably on the bottom line- specifically cost and energy efficiency- how does Andersen excite home owners about the plethora of design options available?

CB:  Welcome to our biggest challenge! People generally understand that windows should keep the outside out, but often that’s all they consider. In reality, windows can fundamentally change the aesthetics of the home. Gorgeous windows with just the right trim, hardware and grilles in the right atmosphere can be like art for your walls. The Wall Planner on the Andersen website lets people play around with the look and feel of our windows and become aware of them in a bigger context.

SE:  There is definitely an aesthetic feeling that great windows give in a home, yet we don’t always recognize this because we look through windows rather than at them. As Craig said, our Wall Planner is a great place to start. Visiting our A Series collection online also allows you to see the options available from architectural style and color to hardware and glass.

RWFD:  What is the best way for a customer to proceed once they have decided on an Andersen window?

CB:  Great question. Customers are split into two main groups. The first group wants a turn-key solution and for them I recommend our Renewal by Andersen. These are customers who do not have an installer in mind and do not plan on replacing the windows themselves. Renewal by Andersen takes care of everything from measuring and ordering to installing and even vacuuming up the mess. They are in virtually every major market in America and are the right choice for customers looking for an easy way to have their windows replaced.

The second option is for home owners who have a contractor in mind or will be doing the install themselves. The dealer locator on our website lets you find a local dealer who will come out and measure if you so wish. If you already have an installer or contractor, you can go to a showroom that carries Andersen like Home Depot and order what you need. So the bottom line is we have a solution whatever your needs.

RWFD:  Speaking of DIY, how difficult is it for a savvy DIY owner to install a new Andersen window?

CB:  An awful lot of people do DIY for replacement windows. Obviously, the skill set of the person has a lot to do with it, but the home itself is probably the most important factor in deciding if a DIY install is appropriate. A home with double hung windows is relatively easy for Do-It-Yourselfers to replace. If your home is made of historic stone or has already had multiple replacement windows previously, things can get tricky. I know of many great DIY owners who will not attempt a window replacement if there are unique features of the home that complicate things.

RWFD:  Craig, Stacy, it’s been a pleasure learning more about the many offerings of Andersen Windows today.

CB/SE:  Thanks, delighted!


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