Fiberglass Window Shutters: Advantages and Disadvantages

Written by AnonymousApril 13, 2011

Examining Fiberglass Window Shutters: Advantages and Disadvantages

Fiberglass window shutters aren’t as common as wood, but they are slowly becoming more popular due to durability and longevity.


The advantages of fiberglass window shutters are:

  • Variety and versatility. Fiberglass window shutters come in several styles including Bahama, Colonial, and Panel. Bahama shutters are movable, while Colonials have operable louvers. Panel shutters may have raised panel designs or a combination of louvers and panels. All styles may be painted to match the home’s décor.
  • Low maintenance. Fiberglass requires much less care than other materials, making them the lowest maintenance material available. 
  • Durable. Fiberglass is virtually indestructible. It’s approved for use in hurricane prone areas and other areas that are susceptible to severe weather.
  • Longevity. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, fiberglass shutters last a minimum of 20 years.

If you live in a historic neighborhood and need to replace your shutters, fiberglass window shutters are a good option. They’re designed to follow historic styles such as Colonial, so they don’t have to be custom made.


The disadvantages of fiberglass window shutters are:

  • Expensive. Fiberglass window shutters are the most expensive of all shutters. Prices depend on width, height, color, and customization.
  • Awkward. Interior shutters swing in or slide out to open. Placing furniture or other objects around the window could stop them from opening. 


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