Garden Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages

Written by AnonymousMarch 18, 2011

Examining Garden Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages

A garden window is a special type of window that juts out into a yard or other exterior area. It contains several shelves and is typically installed in kitchens over the sink or really, any room in the home. Besides versatility, garden windows have a number of advantages along with a disadvantage or two.

Garden windows have greater exposure to the elements than other types of windows. When selecting garden windows, choose a material that doesn’t peel, chip, crack, or require painting. Choose insulated glass for comfort and energy efficiency.


The advantages of garden windows are:

  • Creates shelf space. Garden windows are like mini-green houses. The shelves can be used to grow plants, flowers, or vegetables or they can be used to display vases or other home accessories.
  • Additional light and fresh air. Although many garden windows are small, they allow extra light and air into the room. Garden windows typically open on the sides by turning a handle, allowing for ample air flow.
  • Easy to install. Garden windows are available in easy-to-install kits that fit into an existing window space.
  • Adds beauty and value to the home. Garden windows are constructed for beauty. They have four glass panes—one on each side, one in the front, and a slanted pane on top. Depending on the size, the window may have one shelf or multiple shelves. Any addition to the home, such as this, adds value to the property.


The disadvantages of garden windows are: 

  • Structural problems. If not properly constructed and supported, garden windows can create structural problems.
  • Little protection against solar heat gain. Cheaper windows offer little protection against solar heat gain (or solar gain). However, high quality windows with good ratings against solar gain may be purchased through most window manufacturers


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