GreenHomes America SVP Michael Rogers Discusses Homeowners' Energy Efficiency Problems

Written by AnonymousSeptember 12, 2011
GreenHomes America

If you’re like most homeowners, you spend a lot of money on your home to ensure you and your family live comfortably and safely year round. However, if your home is like most homes in the U.S., it probably has some construction shortfalls that cause common comfort and energy efficient problems including hot and cold spots, drafts, moisture, poor air quality and excessive dust.

GreenHomes America offers residential home performance solutions that increase in-home comfort, health, and safety and significantly reduce energy usage and utility bills. GreenHomes applies building science principles and sophisticated diagnostic equipment to quickly pinpoint causes of common problems and prescribe cost-effective solutions that resolve them permanently.

Unlike many other residential building contractors, GreenHomes uses an innovative and integrated whole-house approach to home performance and energy efficiency.  The result of GreenHomes solutions is an optimal in-home environment that typically reduces energy by 25% to 60% or more.

We recently sat down with Michael Rogers, Senior VP at GreenHomes America and spoke to him about some of the most common energy efficiency problems most homeowners have and what they can do to improve the comfort of their homes.

RWFD: GreenHomes America offers residential home owners performance solutions that increase in-home comfort, health and safety and significantly reduce energy usage and utility bills. You use an integrated, whole-house approach to home energy efficiency. Can you tell me about GreenHomes America four-step process?

MR: In the medical world, prescription without examination and diagnosis would be considered malpractice.  It really should be the same with respect to a home. Too many times symptoms are treated without taking the time to figure out the real problem: Too hot?  You must need a bigger air-conditioner. Energy bills too high?  You must need new windows.  The reality is, the biggest issues are usually things like air-leakage, insufficient or poorly installed insulation and duct-leakage with many other potential issues as well.

When considering any project, GreenHomes begins with a comprehensive assessment of your home to figure out what’s really going on.  We not only look at the house with a variety of diagnostic equipment—tools like blower door to measure and find air-leaks and infrared scanners that help identify insulation defects, leakage points, and moisture issues—but also analyze utility bills and learn as much as we can about what you experience in your home.

Following the assessment, we review the findings with you and map out a prioritized plan and a work scope to make the needed improvements. When you’ve decided which improvements make the most sense for you, we arrange for the work to be done by our own trained and certified in-house crews.  This is really important.  Many energy audits never deliver results because you’re left hanging with a set of recommendations that most contractors don’t fully understand and couldn’t install properly, not to mention the fact that most of these projects are multi-faceted, and involve work done by different trades.  Having the project delivered by one company ensures that the left hand is talking to the right and that the work is coordinated properly not just to maximize benefits, but also to minimize disruption for you.

Lastly, we do what we call a “test-out”.  This means we go back and retest the home using the same diagnostics we did up front to verify that we met our goals, and that we’re leaving your home in a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient condition.

RWFD: GreenHomes America helps homeowners enjoy more comfortable, safer homes while enhancing indoor air quality and reducing home maintenance costs.  After a homeowner brings GreenHomes America in to optimize their home environment, what is the typical energy savings most homeowners experience?

MR: Obviously, the exact savings depend on the nature of the home and the project completed.  Typically, homeowners can expect to save 20% or more on their utility bills, and many of our customers qualify for our 25% savings guarantee.  While not the average savings, we do see savings as high as 50% or more—imagine cutting your utility bills in half!


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