Hiring a Contractor to Repair Broken Windows: Things to Consider

Written by AnonymousMarch 21, 2011

Things to Consider When Hiring a Contractor to Repair Broken Windows

The level of difficulty involved in repairing broken windows can be low or high depending on the type of repair. If a crank or handle breaks, the repair will be easy to do yourself. If the window has been shattered or the frame is broken or rotted, repair will be difficult to accomplish on your own. In these cases, the services of a contractor are required. A contractor has the skills needed to repair the window quickly and safely to help the homeowner avoid injuries or future repairs to a poorly repaired window.

If your window repair project requires the expertise of a contractor, there are several things to consider:

  • Background
  • Contract
  • Expectations and time frames
  • Labor Warranty
  • Reputation

Background is important whenever a homeowner hires a contractor to work on the home. Ask the contractor how many years his company has been in business, what he did prior to starting his business, and what areas of home improvement he specializes in.

Contracts are important for several reasons. They provide a start and completion date, the contractors obligations such as obtaining a permit, and a promise to follow all state and local codes, and manufacturer’s specifications.   Although expectations and time frames are typically covered in the contract, the contractor should complete your window project in less than a day. In most cases 8-10 window replacements can be done in one day.

The labor warranty should be part of the contract. After the repairs have been completed, most reputable contractors will return to the home to make sure the window is working properly and that there are no further damages. If any damage occurs within a week of repairing a broken window, the contractor will repair it at no extra charge.

Reputation can be assessed by following up with references, checking with the Better Business Bureau, and reviewing training credentials and certifications. You can even ask for character references.


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