Marvin Windows' Berit Griffin Talks "Made to Order" Replacement Windows

Written by AnonymousSeptember 12, 2011
Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows hand crafted, made-to-order approach may hark back to simpler times but the company’s design and innovation is anything but. Whether you require historic authenticity or cutting edge design, Marvin’s extensive collection and nearly limitless capabilities appeal to the most discerning customers. An unprecedented assortment of window shapes and colors are merely the tip of the iceberg with abundant choices of grilles, patterns and hardware sure to delight.

Long a favorite amongst architects and designers, Marvin’s customized windows grace charming Southern period estates, contemporary desert dwellings and urban craftsman houses alike. We caught up with Public Relations Coordinator Berit Griffin for an introduction on how Marvin helps home owners with unique requirements and how you, too, may find your window match amidst their extensive made-to-order collection.

RWFD:  Marvin hand crafts each window, famously ‘made to order’ with nearly limitless options. What are some of the most unique windows the company has created for its clients?

BG:  Marvin’s history of creating windows that fulfill our customers’ needs goes back a century. We have a history of innovating and were the first window company to reintroduce Round Top windows to the market.

Among the recent projects we’ve done is the myMarvin project. Several designers, architects and artists thought up their dream window and Marvin brought it to life. You can see all the sketches and final products on

RWFD:  Owners of historical homes and buildings are often in need of exacting standards when it comes to replacement or new windows. Can Marvin replicate detailed window elements while utilizing the latest innovations in durability and efficiency?

BG:  Marvin is known for its historical window solutions. Our Signature Services division is especially helpful with creating just the right sort of historical window, whether that means a special wood species like Black Walnut, historical details like ogee lugs or just an unusual window application. Marvin Signature has had years of finding solutions for historic window and door replacement.

An important consideration as a homeowner begins the process of replacing their historical windows is energy efficiency. New windows and doors with modern energy efficient glass can make a big difference in a home. Marvin’s experience in historic properties means that homeowners get the best of both worlds with period-appropriate windows and energy efficient glass.

RWFD:  What things should home owners take into consideration when deciding whether newer, more efficient windows are right for them?

BG:  There are lots of reasons to replace a window—maybe a homeowner has noticed a draft or perhaps the window doesn’t operate easily. Sometimes homeowners decide to replace based on aesthetics. Whatever the reason, Marvin’s standard Low E II glass (and other energy efficient options) will save homeowners money over the long run. If a homeowner is dissatisfied with their current window and wondering how windows can help their home’s energy efficiency, we encourage them to visit our website or talk with their building professional.

Marvin is dedicated to producing enduring, energy-efficient products in ways that support a greener future. This means that our windows and doors aren’t just beautiful — they also perform well. Virtually all Marvin products already meet or exceed federal ENERGY STAR® guidelines. 

RWFD:  In addition to its all wood window lines, Marvin offers casing and aluminum clad-wood options, as well. What are the advantages of these materials?

BG:  Although Marvin does offer all wood windows, many homeowners prefer extruded aluminum cladding on the exterior for the ease of use. There’s no painting required and Marvin offers its cladding with 19 colors for maximum design flexibility. Marvin’s cladding is substantially stronger than roll-form aluminum and features a protective 70% Kynar® 500 paint finish for superior resistance to fading and chalking. In addition to the classic beauty of wood, clad wood windows are more durable and energy efficient.

RWFD:  Where can home owners go to discover which Marvin windows work for their needs?

BG:  The first place to start is our website to learn more about the products and solutions we offer. If a homeowner is remodeling, we especially recommend they check out our Online Remodeling Planner for inspiration and organization. One of our many independent dealers throughout the US will be able to help them with the next steps.

RWFD:  Since each window is made to order, how does the process of installation work once a customer chooses Marvin windows?

BG:  When a homeowner has decided with their builder to use Marvin products, the builder will work with one of our independently-owned dealers. Since Marvin products are custom-made, each product will be able to fit the homeowner’s style, sizes and design vision.

Builders can help satisfy their customers’ plans by replicating historical windows or creating a whole new window or door look. And with newer, more energy efficient windows, homeowners will be able to save money on energy bills over the long run.

The Marvin experience doesn’t end once the window is installed. In the rare event there should be a problem with the window or door, Marvin stands ready to help with building professional or homeowner with our experienced customer service team.

RWFD:  Berit, thanks for your insight today. It was a pleasure hearing more about Marvin’s made to order windows.

BG:  Thank you!


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