Masonite’s Keith Kometer Discusses Glass Door Options for Home Owners

Written by AnonymousAugust 11, 2011

Many home owners bring a little of the outdoors in with glass door options that expand views while adding style and durability to their home. With an enviable history in door manufacturing since the first patented hardboard made from reconstituted post-industrial wood chips, Masonite continues to produce innovative door solutions. The company’s extensive glass door collection offers a wide array of options for all styles and budgets.

VP of Product Segments Keith Kometer took time out of his schedule to discuss Masonite’s dedication to honor its innovative past by creating new originals. With many fresh glass door options to choose from, Kometer explains key factors that home owners should consider and Masonite’s ‘Open Door Policy’ which welcomes questions and feedback.

RWFD:  Nearly 100 years since its first patent, Masonite continues its innovative approach. What can customers can expect from the Masonite name?

M:  Since 1925, the Masonite name has been known worldwide for its commitment to product innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer service.  Our continued pursuit of innovation combined with total value in design and performance is core to our business and our products are designed for long-lasting beauty.

We operate the largest privately owned research and development center in the door business located outside of Chicago known as the Masonite Innovation Center. A skilled team of designers, engineers and scientists work with the latest technology to develop and test every aspect of our product, evaluating the performance of products under more stringent and extreme conditions than would be experienced in the field. From fire-rated testing, security and extreme weather conditions – including hurricane strength wind and rain, flying debris, intrusion, hot and humid weather to the coldest environments, all doors are tested to meet and exceed regulation standards.

When it comes to meeting consumer design expectations, Masonite is committed to delivering on new styles in panel and glass designs based on trends and demand.  Our designers couple a deep understanding of design trends with an ear for customer needs. A Masonite door isn’t just another door.  It’s the culmination of decades of experience, new innovation, quality engineering and thoughtful design pared with a competitive price that makes Masonite doors stand out.

RWFD:  Headquartered in Florida, Masonite understands the unique needs of home owners in coastal regions. Seeking to expand their views with glass doors, what are some factors that coastal home owners should consider prior to installing a new glass doors?

M:  Living on the coast is one of life's luxuries but severe weather activity has highlighted the need to upgrade home construction in areas prone to hurricanes. The Wind-Borne Debris region and the High Velocity Hurricane Zone have specific test requirements for doors.  Masonite has designed the Coastal Door Collection to meet building code requirements without compromising beauty. 

People that live on the coast do enjoy having a panoramic view of their world outside; in order to cater to this need Masonite offers full lite 6’8 and 8’0 single, double and sidelited door configurations that offer clear views of the outside world in Bellville Smooth and Textured Fiberglass, Oakcraft fiberglass and Sta-Tru HD Steel. We offer 9 decorative full lite Impact rated offerings, along with both clear glass and external grille offerings. We also realize that some consumers require more privacy and are about to launch ¾ Oval Impact glass designs. We plan on expanding our coastal program offering over the next two years to have the most complete lineup of coastal impact rated Doors in the industry.

Lastly, for consumers living in more harsh environments, Masonite offers Low-E and Low-E Argon insulated glass to help keep the heat of the sun out of the home in the summertime and keep heat in during the winter months.

RWFD:  Patio doors are no longer the plain aluminum sliders of the past. Customers now have a range of glass doors to choose from in various finishes. What’s new in this area from Masonite?

M:  With Masonite’s Patio Door Systems, consumers enjoy wide open views with a larger glass area and specially designed hinges that allow the doors to open 180 degrees. Traditionally, patio doors have been functional in the form of sliders or French Doors but Masonite offers 10 decorative collections.

The Mondrian Collection is certainly a prime example of how we have used technology to create a stunning new look in French Patio Door systems. The new Masonite Designer Patio Door Collection features SpectraWeld TM technology on select decorative glass panels which utilizes a revolutionary composite material that bonds to the glass and simulates the look of traditional caming but allows us to create completely new and distinctive contemporary looks.

Our Patio Door creations not only allow you to enhance the view of your outside world but they also allow you to create a design flair that adds personality to your home. We offer beautiful new handle sets and hardware designs with our patio door collection so that the door is supplied to the end user as a complete system with no additional purchases to be made.


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