Nebraska (NE) Energy & Efficient Window Performance Cash Rebates & Incentives

Written by AnonymousAugust 15, 2011

Nebraska (NE) Energy & Efficient Window Performance Cash Rebates & Incentives. Cash rebates and incentives available to Nebraska homeowners who upgrade to energy efficient windows.

This article discusses the cash rebates and incentives (including loans) available to homeowners in the state of Nebraska for upgrading to energy efficient windows. Some programs listed aim to improve home energy performance in general; others explicitly focus on efficient window performance. They may be offered by your state, your local energy supply company or the two working together. They can help you pay for the costs of upgrading or replacing the windows in your home. We try to keep information current; however, this list doesn’t include information about all window-related utility programs in your state. For more detailed information about available programs, click here. (This information was last updated as of 2011.) 

Nebraska State Incentive and Rebate Programs:

  • Nebraska Energy Office Incentive/Rebate Program: Dollar and Energy Saving Loan Program: Offers loans to cover the costs of home energy improvements including the cost of weatherstripping, window film, ENERGY STAR windows, replacement sashes, storm windows and window repairs to residential and commercial buildings.

Nebraska Utility Company Sponsored Incentives and Rebate Programs:

At this time, there are no energy efficient window incentive programs offered by utility companies in the state of Nebraska.


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