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Written by bprescottMay 9, 2012
Ply Gem Windows

Ply Gem

Cary, North Carolina



Ply Gem® is a leading manufacturer of residential exterior building products and is based in North America. Ply Gem provides a comprehensive product line of vinyl siding, designer accents and skirting, vinyl fencing, vinyl and composite railing, stone veneer and windows and doors used in both new construction and home renovation in the United States and Western Canada.

The Ply Gem Windows Company was created from a family of window brands with a history that dates back nearly 75 years.  Best practices have been incorporated from each of these brands into the Ply Gem windows of today, allowing the company to deliver exceptional quality and value.  

Through the Ply Gem Windows brand, Ply Gem manufactures vinyl, vinyl-clad, wood, wood composite, aluminum and aluminum-clad windows and patio doors for the new construction market, and vinyl, aluminum, and aluminum-clad windows and patio doors for the replacement market.



Ply Gem Windows offers replacement windows and patio doors for every style and budget.  While there are several product lines to choose from, they all have the following features in common:

  • Energy efficiency:  Each window line can be configured with a range of energy efficient glass packages.  From ENERGY STAR® qualified, up to R-5 (one of the most energy efficient windows available in the U.S.), a glass package is available to suit any climate. 
  • Easy to operate:  Finely tuned balances, rollers, and operating hardware make opening, closing, and cleaning windows a breeze.
  • Low maintenance:  Extremely durable vinyl and aluminum exterior surfaces will not rot and will look great year after year with just occasional cleaning. 
  • Complimentary to any architecture:  A wide range of shapes, operating styles, grille patterns, colors, and wood-grains provides a choice to dress up any home.
  • Easy to install:  Various accessories are available to ensure a quality installation, whether in a “full-frame tearout” or a “pocket installation” project.


More information about vinyl window lines - Pro Series, Contractor Series 2000 and Premium Series – is available on

For added safety and security, Ply Gem offers an Impact Replacement Series vinyl window.  This is constructed with an extremely tough layer of impact-rated glass to prevent wind-blown debris from breaking through.  This impact glass also reduces sound transmission and increases security. 

For the ultimate in rich exterior colors and warm natural wood interiors, Ply Gem offers the aluminum-clad Mira Premium Series line in custom sizing.



Constantly improving energy efficiency is a priority for Ply Gem and, each year, gains are made in U-value and air infiltration performance.  Home owners can choose from various glass packages including: HP (Low-E/argon), HP2 (dual pane Low-E/argon) or HPMax (triple pane Low-E/argon) glass package, and either the standard Warm Edge spacer system or the optional Warm Edge Plus spacer system.

Ply Gem Windows replacement windows and patio doors with the HP glass system earn the ENERGY STAR® label in all states.

The triple pane EPMax glass package offers the highest energy efficiency, achieving an R-value of 5. This package utilizes three panes of Low-E insulating glass which reflects radiant heat back toward its source.  This keeps houses warmer in the winter by trapping radiant heat inside and cooler in the summer by blocking it from the home. Between these panes are two insulating chambers of argon gas, which is 40 percent denser than air.  To complement the superior insulating strength of the glass, patented R-Core insulation – the same type used in many refrigerator/freezer doors – is used in the vinyl mainframes and sash. 



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