Seals and Reinforcements for Awning Windows

Written by AnonymousJanuary 26, 2011

Examining Seals and Reinforcements for Awning Windows

A window seal is a substance or material that is applied between the window sash (the frame that holds the glass panes of the window), and glass to protect the window and the home from the elements. A window seal, such as a glazing compound, is also often used to attach the glass to the sash.

Compression Seals

Awning windows pivot on hinges mounted at the top, so they use compression seals. Also called mechanical bond seals, compression seals work by compressing the window sash against the weather stripping. Compression seals are such a tremendous force, that they provide a tighter seal than other types of seals. The seal is tighter because compression seals are heated, then the outer member is allowed to shrink on the glass during the cooling stage. This results in a complete seal against the escape or entry of air, rain, snow, and other types of adverse weather.


Pure metal and steel reinforcements are common choices for awning windows. Using metal or steel reinforcements for awning windows guards against sagging by securing the hinge system. Pure metal and steel also offer superior durability compared to other reinforcements such as fiberglass or aluminum. Pure metal can last a lifetime without cracking, shrinking or eroding, whereas fiberglass can crack and aluminum may erode over time. 


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