Types of Awning Windows

Written by Brad PrescottJanuary 25, 2011

Looking at the Different Types of Awning Windows

The basic construction of all awning windows is the same. Awning windows offer the same solid construction as traditional casement windows, but the mounting style is different. Awning windows pivot on hinges mounted at the top, while casement windows pivot on hinges mounted on the side. Like casement windows, the types of awning windows vary and include:

  • Aluminum awning windows are solid and sturdy. Although they can look somewhat “industrial,” developers of many modern loft apartment homes and other similar structures prefer this trendy style. Aluminum awning windows require very little maintenance, and they cost much less than wood or PVC, but more than vinyl.
  • Cellular PVC awning windows are similar in appearance to wood. This modern-looking material is the preferred choice for developers and homeowners looking for strong material, a wood-alternative, and low-maintenance. Although cellular PVC is one of the strongest materials on the market, it is an economical choice compared to wood and steel. 
  • Fiberglass awning windows account for less than 1 percent of all window frame materials used. However, fiberglass is one of the most energy efficient materials on the market. Fiberglass awning windows are also durable (three times stronger than aluminum), and versatile. Fiberglass awning windows cost less than wood, but up to 30 percent more than vinyl.
  • Steel awning windows are the most unique type of awning window you can buy. These windows are so unique that the number of manufacturers is very limited. Steel is the one of the strongest building materials in the world, so steel awning windows are an excellent choice for anyone looking for maximum security and durability. Many developers and homeowners like the modern, industrial look of steel awning windows and the limited effort involved in maintaining them. Of all the different types of awning windows, however, steel awning windows are the most expensive.
  • Vinyl awning windows are a good choice if you’re more concerned about budget than the appearance. These Windows are exceptionally resilient and they will not chip, peel rot, rust, or swell. Vinyl awning windows are the least expensive type of awning windows on the market today and are even priced to accommodate extremely low budgets.
  • Wood awning windows are a common choice for developers and homeowners that want to achieve a classic look and style. In fact, wood awning windows are considered the most attractive. Although wood awning windows are pleasing to the eye, maintenance can be challenging. They may warp, decay, or rot over time, so frequent replacement is inevitable. The cost to purchase and install wood awning windows is less than steel, but more than any other type of awning window.

Thanks to the construction of the awning windows, each of the different types of awning windows still offer:

  • Good ventilation
  • Safety
  • Protection from the rain, even when open
  • Protection from moisture in damp, humid climates
  • An appealing, modern look



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