Types of Casement Windows

Written by AnonymousMarch 21, 2011

Looking at the Different Types of Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most contemporary and convenient of all window types. The window is mounted on hinges and a manual (or automatic) mechanism cranks the window outward and away from the home. Some homeowners may choose to have the window crank in for easier cleaning, but this isn’t common.

Casement windows are the most popular type of window based on style, energy efficiency, and attractiveness. Although all casement windows have the same components, there are three different types. The best type for your home will depend on the construction of the home, climate, and cost, and of course, preference. The three types of casement windows are:

  • Single frame casement windows are the standard style of casement windows. The window consists of a single frame. Inside the frame are panels of glass known as lights. The lights are separated by wooden strips and they open out or in, depending on how they’re mounted.
  • Double casement windows were originally called French casement windows. This window consists of two windows hinged on the sides that swing out and meet in the middle. Double casement windows are more expensive than single, but they add an elegant touch to the home. 
  • Push-out casement windows come in both single and double styles. Push-out windows use a handle instead of a crank. This is the least popular type of casement window.



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