Types of Garden Windows

Written by AnonymousApril 14, 2011

Looking at the Different Types of Garden Windows

Garden windows aren’t actually at garden level like basement windows. They’re set high to capture the sun’s rays. These windows are designed to look like display cases that protrude from the exterior of the home. Garden windows are common in kitchens, but they can be added to any room. Most are used for growing plants or vegetables, while others serve as extra shelving space for dishes or knick-knacks.

Garden windows add additional light and fresh air and they’re easy to install. Because they’re exposed to the elements more than other types of windows, the material must be chip-, crack-, and peel-proof.

When shopping for garden windows, choose insulated glass to increase energy efficiency and aluminum for better heat resistance.

Garden windows are available in two main shapes. Vertical windows are good for slender openings and horizontal are better for larger ones. The different types of garden windows are:

  • Awning garden windows are hinged at the top and bottom. Most swing out, but swing-in styles are an option. They open from the bottom for ease of use, which comes in handy if the window is installed over a kitchen sink or counter.
  • Casement garden windows are easy to operate too. They open outward with a simple twist of a crank. Some casement windows crank inward, but this wouldn’t work well with garden windows that are used to grow plants or display accessories.


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