Types of Stained Glass Windows

Written by AnonymousApril 14, 2011

Looking at the Different Types of Stained Glass Windows

A stained glass window is used as an accent piece in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and foyers. These handcrafted works of art are also called art glass and decorative glass. In commercial settings, stained glass is used mostly in churches, funeral homes, and museums.

Stained glass windows offer privacy because they’re colorful and ornately decorated. Large scale stained glass windows are usually fixed, but smaller ones are operable and available in styles from awning to casement.

Poorly constructed stained glass windows can warp and gap over time. A high quality stained glass window manufacturer will offer a warranty and samples of previous work. When examining samples, check for gaps or signs of warping or distortion.

There are several types of stained glass windows including antique, copper foiled, leaded, and custom designed.

  • Antique stained glass windows can be purchased at antique and resale shops. With a few hooks and screws, they can be mounted in front of existing windows. Antiques are often used for other areas of the house such as between rooms or as an art piece on walls. Antique stained glass windows often contain geometric designs, hearts, or flowers in a variety of bright colors.  
  • Copper foiled stained glass windows are the most expensive type of art glass because the manufacturing technique is labor intensive and the designs are usually the most detailed. The glass pieces are individually wrapped with foil and soldered together. To add color to the foil, special chemicals are used.
  • Leaded stained glass windows are made of square or rectangular pieces of colored glass. The pieces are connected by soldering metal joints onto each other. Although the shapes are different, the pieces are the same width.
  • Custom designed stained glass windows are windows that can be made to your style and specifications. The window maker can create a design based on a photograph, artwork, a sketch, or a verbal description of what you want the finished piece to look like.


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