Types of Storm Windows

Written by AnonymousApril 13, 2011

Looking at the Different Types of Storm Windows

Storm windows protect the primary window and the interior of the home from severe weather, heat, and cold. Some storm windows last a season, while others last years. The type of storm window you ultimately choose will depend on your climate, primary window style, and the type of material you’d prefer.

The different types of storm windows are:

  • Interior storm windows are made to fit any window. They’re easy to install and maintain, and they’re a common choice for apartments and multi-story houses because you have access to them from the inside of the home. Interior storm windows are more energy efficient than exterior storms. Interior storm windows form a tight seal with the primary window glass, which prevents leaks. The price for interior storm windows depends on the size and frame material, but prices typically start at around $40.
  • Exterior storm windows mount on the outside of the home. They can be difficult to install and maintain and they are less energy efficient than interior storm windows. A drainage hole must be left around the window to allow moisture to escape. Without the hole, the primary window will rot. The hole prevents exterior windows from being airtight, so heat can escape. Exterior storm windows have to be made from strong materials because they’re exposed to the elements more than interior windows. This means they cost more than interior windows. 
  • Glass storm windows are heavier and more expensive than plastic, but they offer better visibility and are less likely to scratch. This material is versatile too. It can be tinted for extra sun protection without compromising visibility, and it’s an excellent insulator.
  • Plastic storm windows are lightweight and inexpensive, but they scratch easily and visibility is poor. This material does offer good insulation and performs well with vinyl and metal frames. 
  • Disposable storm windows are a budget friendly alternative to other types of storm windows. Disposables are individual sheets made of plastic or vinyl. The sheets are applied to the primary window, so they reduce visibility. Disposable storm windows degrade quickly from sun damage, so they have to be replaced often.


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