Types of Window Shutters

Written by AnonymousApril 21, 2011

Looking at the Different Types of Window Shutters

Window shutters are either operable or fixed. These optional window treatments give homes a touch of class by adding an attractive accessory to the inside or outside of the home. Window shutters are made of materials such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Operable shutters protect against bad weather conditions, flying debris, and intruders. Light control and added security are also benefits.

The type of shutters you chose will depend on the style of your home. Some common styles are:

  • Accordion window shutters are used mainly for protection from storms. They aren’t divided down the middle like other shutters. Instead, they stretch from one side to the other. When not in use, they fold up like an accordion, making them nearly invisible.
  • Bahama window shutters have a narrow frame and horizontal slats divided vertically by a narrow panel. Many have adjustable arms. Bahama shutters provide shade from direct sunlight without compromising views.
  • Board and batten window shutters are made of wide vertical slats, usually with two thick pieces of wood attached near the top and the bottom. Other styles have thicker pieces of material arranged in a Z-shape and others are enclosed in a frame made of thicker pieces of material.
  • Louvered window shutters are made of slanted horizontal slats that allow air in. They may have two panels separated by a large strip of material or one panel reaching from top to bottom.
  • Raised panel window shutters are unlike any other shutter. They aren’t made of individual slats or multiple vertical panels. These types of shutters look like kitchen cabinet doors and they’re made of 1 to 3 large panels separated by a divider rails. Panels are typically the same size, but custom rails may have a smaller panel on top and a larger one on the bottom.   

Some window shutters come with a latch or lock to keep them from flying open. Latches and locks also provide additional security by adding a second lock to the windows.



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