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Written by bprescottFebruary 8, 2012

Windsor Windows & Doors
West Des Moines, IA   



Windsor Windows & Doors began as a small operation in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1946.  By crafting some of the finest windows and doors available – and asking fair prices – they’ve built a reputation of quality and value among architects, builders, contractors and homeowners. Windsor remained a regional wood window company until purchased by Woodgrain Millwork, Inc of Fruitland, Idaho in 1987.  Woodgrain has grown into the largest manufacturer of moldings and interior pine doors in the United States. 

Windsor Windows & Doors manufacture three distinct product lines: Pinnacle (wood), Legend (cellular PVC) and Next Dimension (vinyl).

In recent years, Woodgrain has acquired three other window and door companies. In 2000, Woodgrain purchased Atrium Patio Doors, located in Greenville, TX. They build many styles and configurations of swinging and sliding patio doors and market their product primarily through the Home Depot. In 2006, Woodgrain purchased Monarch Windows and in 2008 Woodgrain acquired Redstone Doors.

Woodgrain Millwork, Inc. and Windsor Windows & Doors are a success story of traditional American values and hard work. 


  • Windsor’s Pinnacle windows and doors are available in either primed wood or low-maintenance extruded aluminum cladding in seven standard colors, 30 feature colors or 7 anodize finishes. Custom color matching is also available. The wooden interiors are available in three species - Select Pine, Douglas Fir or Natural Alder. DP Ratings ranging from 50 up to 70 are some of the most impressive in the industry.
  • Windsor’s Legend products are constructed from solid cellular PVC creating the traditional look and feel of painted wood while providing the low-maintenance and durability of vinyl. This product offers a 25-year warranty against rotting, warping, cracking or swelling. Legend HBR is a unique hybrid that combines the strength and durability of our Legend cellular PVC frame with an aluminum-clad wood sash.
  • Windsor’s Next Dimension windows and doors utilize the most advanced technology available to produce a substantial product constructed from extruded multi-chambered vinyl for impressive performance and energy efficiency. The wide selection of sizes and shapes as well as their reliability, durability and low-maintenance have made Next Dimension a favorite for many builders.


Advancements in glazing have taken home windows to new levels of efficiency. Low-E coatings are applied to the interior side of the exterior pane of glass. These coatings consist of a fine silver mist that is sprayed on the interior side of the exterior pane of insulated glass.  The coating reflects room-side infrared energy back into the room and reflects solar heat out. The better the glazing is at reflecting these waves, the lower the U-Value.

The U-Value of an insulated glass unit is an important rating that indicates how well it maintains the temperature inside a building. Whether trying to keep cool air inside during the warm season or cool air outside during the cold season, this advancement in fenestration technology is beneficial in all climates. Since Low-E coated glass transmits a high level of natural light into the home while reducing solar gain, you reduce both lighting and air conditioning costs.

Windsor offers Low-E 366 as their standard glazing. It provides high transparency, low reflectivity and excellent thermal insulation, all of which provide energy-saving benefits. This glazing provides the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility for year-round comfort and energy savings.

In addition, non-metal Superspacer is used between the panes of insulated glass. This material expands and contracts to ensure a strong moisture barrier. This non-metal material provides less conductivity which blocks the heat from escaping or entering through the glass edge.


Windsor Windows' Cathy Leonard Talks Superior Craftsmanship and Innovation in Replacement Windows


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