Bay Windows

Articles on the Different Types of Bay Windows, Advantages and Disadvantages, Costs, and More.

Discussing How Much Bay Windows Cost

For an average size home (2,330 square feet.), the cost for a bay window ranges from $150 to $2,000 or more. The price varies greatly based on size, style (casement or double-hung), material, and manufacturer. Costs typically include the window, labor, and trim.

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Examining Bay Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages

Bay windows project outward from the side of the house. They are made up of a central window and two side windows. The central window is usually fixed, and parallel to the existing wall. The side windows are set at a 30°, 45°, 60°, or 90° angle. They’re often casements or double-hung styles and are either stationary or operating. Bay windows have a deep sill area that’s commonly used as a display for plants. Whether you choose to install a bay window in your master bedroom, kitchen, or living room, there are several advantages and disadvantages to consider.

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Types of Bay Windows

March 3, 2011

Looking at the Different Types of Bay Windows

Bay windows offer benefits to both the interior and exterior of the home. Inside, the windows offer panoramic views, more natural light (which can enter from multiple directions), good ventilation from cross breezes, and additional square footage for an enlarged room. Outside, the windows jut out from the exterior of the home, adding dimension. The style offers a traditional feel with a modern touch.

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