Lattice Windows

Articles on the Different Types of Lattice Windows, Advantages and Disadvantages, Costs, Energy Efficiency, and More.

Types of Lattice Windows

April 13, 2011

Looking at the Different Types of Lattice Windows

Lattice windows are a unique type of window with glazed bars running diagonally throughout the casement. The windows can be fixed or hinged. Modern designs are made of grids than can be removed from the window frame, while older ones were made with individual pieces of glass for each panel. Modern designs also include double or triple-paned glass for energy efficiency. Elaborate but older lattice window designs are common on churches, museums, and historic homes.

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Examining Lattice Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages

A lattice window is a type of window casement, either fixed or hinged, with glazed bars running diagonally. Early designs used individual pieces of glass for each panel, but modern designs are made of one piece of glass crisscrossed with detachable grids than can be popped in or out of the window frame. You can also use lattice windows indoors. Depending on whether your window is old or new, there are several advantages and disadvantages to lattice windows.

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