Fiberglass Shutters

Articles on the Different Types (Bahama, Colonial, or Panel) and Quality of Fiberglass Window Shutters, Advantages and Disadvantages, Costs, Maintenance Tips, and More.

Examining Fiberglass Window Shutters: Advantages and Disadvantages

Fiberglass window shutters aren’t as common as wood, but they are slowly becoming more popular due to durability and longevity.

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Discussing the Differences Between Low and High Quality Fiberglass Window Shutters

Reputation and a solid warranty are two things high-end manufacturers have in common. They’re skilled at designing high quality products so they stand behind them with long-term warranties. If you can’t afford high-end manufacturers like Pella or Marvin, you’re not alone! The bad news is, when you choose low quality products, they can end up costing more in repair and replacement costs. So before buying from a lesser-known source, consider construction, design, and thickness.

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