Window Repair

Articles on Repairing Home Windows Yourself, Advantages and Disadvantages, Cost of Frame and Glass Materials, and More.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Contractor to Repair Broken Windows

The level of difficulty involved in repairing broken windows can be low or high depending on the type of repair. If a crank or handle breaks, the repair will be easy to do yourself. If the window has been shattered or the frame is broken or rotted, repair will be difficult to accomplish on your own. In these cases, the services of a contractor are required. A contractor has the skills needed to repair the window quickly and safely to help the homeowner avoid injuries or future repairs to a poorly repaired window.

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Discussing the Cost of Replacement Windows

Replacing windows is a lot easier and cheaper than adding a new window. All you have to do is install the windows from the inside, so you don’t have to remove any stucco or trim on the exterior. New installation requires alterations to the trim and parts of the wall and removal of the outside trim.

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Discussing How Much Replacement Window Glass Materials Cost

The cost for replacement window glass materials varies by size, shape, coating, thickness, type of glass, manufacturer, and window style. Bay windows and bow windows consist of small, multiple panes of glass throughout. Casement windows consist of two to three large panes of glass. Standard windows are square, while others may be curved or round. You may have an easy time finding a suitable replacement for a standard window, but if you have a non-standard window, the manufacturer will likely have to customize the glass.

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Discussing How Much Replacement Window Frame Materials Cost

When choosing replacement window frames, many homeowners stay true to the original architecture of the home. If the home has original wood or vinyl frames, the replacement materials will likely be the same. For many homeowners, remaining consistent with the original architecture can be costly — especially if the window frames are wood.

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