Awning windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Looking at the Different Types of Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows keep cold air out during winter and air conditioning in during summer. These windows typically have more than one layer, low-E coatings, and high quality edge spacers and frames. Regardless of the type of energy efficient window, all offer energy cost savings thanks to less air leakage, less condensation, and increased light, which can reduce heating bills during winter.

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Examining Seals and Reinforcements for Awning Windows

A window seal is a substance or material that is applied between the window sash (the frame that holds the glass panes of the window), and glass to protect the window and the home from the elements. A window seal, such as a glazing compound, is also often used to attach the glass to the sash.

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Discussing How Much Awning Windows Cost

The cost for awning windows varies greatly depending on a number of factors, but in general, costs average between $350 to $1,050. Because so many factors are involved, some awning windows cost more than $1,050.

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Examining Awning Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages

Awning windows are like traditional casement windows, with one major difference. Casement windows pivot on hinges mounted on the side, while awning windows pivot on hinges mounted at the top.

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Types of Awning Windows

January 25, 2011

Looking at the Different Types of Awning Windows

The basic construction of all awning windows is the same. Awning windows offer the same solid construction as traditional casement windows, but the mounting style is different. Awning windows pivot on hinges mounted at the top, while casement windows pivot on hinges mounted on the side. Like casement windows, the types of awning windows vary and include:

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