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Basement Windows and Water: Things to Consider

The average home has many small leaks. When grouped together, leaks can add up to the equivalent of a 2-foot hole in the wall. Most leaks can be found around doors and windows. They allow air to enter and escape, and water and snowmelt to seep inside. This can cause energy loss, moisture and mold, and damage to living spaces or stored items. A high energy bill, fogged or frosted windows, and temperature changes in different areas of the room are good indications that you have leaky windows, but determining the exact location of the leaks requires closer examination.

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Basement Windows and Cold Weather: Things to Consider

All homes allow air to escape or enter to some degree. Even the most well-insulated home may have small leaks around plumbing fixtures, chimneys, recessed lights, and in attics and basements. The most common sources of leaks in homes, however, are windows and doors. The windows and doors on the main floors of the home are often cared for, while windows in basements and attics are often neglected. To protect your home and windows from the effects of cold, weatherizing all the windows in the home is the most cost-effective option.

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